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Did You Know?Why Unemployment Wages Might be Reported Incorrectly?The most common reason Unemployment Wages for a particular employee are reported incorrectly, is that a deduction was not made because an Earnings Code was not set up correctly so a deduction would be made in Unemployment Wages.Also verify that the employee in question is actually set up for the state being reported. Only records for the reporting state will be read.The program reports exactly what is contained in the Qtd Wages Subject To Unemployment field in the Employee’s P/R Employee Tax Summary File record (for technical readers, this is the PR3[9] numeric).To correct Unemployment Wages before reporting, use the Fix button in Employee Maintenance (click the Tax Summary button and then the Fix button). Supervisor rights are required to access the Fix button.Why the Summary Totals are Different Than Another Report?Note that the specification for the electronic media report differs from the specification for a printed report. For example, employees with negative numbers for wages or zero wages cannot be reported in the magnetic media file according to the specification.The Quarterly Tax Summary Report may not match the Summary Report due to either the Limit not being applied, deduction codes for Cafeteria plan, or non-taxable wages not being set up properly.Why Making Archival Backups of Payroll Data is Important?Sage MAS 90 does not retain summary data from previous quarters. It is good practice to make a permanent copy of a quarter’s Payroll data before running Period End Processing. When Period End Processing is run, the total buckets are cleared.To report from a previous quarter, make a copy of the current Payroll data, restore the Payroll data from the desired quarter, make a report and then restore the current quarter Payroll data.  Please select a Magnetic Media / Electronic Reporting Module from the table of contents in the left sidebar. Questions? Please call 858.550.5900