MCDD Multi-Currency Demo Data for Sage 100

Multi-Currency Demo Data (MCDD) for Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90, MAS 200) contains demonstration data for the “ABC” company that has already been configured for Multi-Currency. “USD” is the Base currency, and 4 foreign currencies are defined (“CAD”, “GBP”, “EUR”,” MXN”). Specific Vendors and Customers are defined to use these Currency Codes.

Important: This contains ABC company demo data files only, it does not contain any Multi-Currency programs, you must also download the program modules you want to demo. 

Installing and Using MC Demo Data

Important! You must install the Multi-currency modules as well as the demo data. We get support calls because people install just the demo data, without the modules.

1. Install standard Sage 100 ERP and ABC Demo Data.

2. Run Sage 100 ERP to fully finish the standard installation procedure. Go to Library Master/ Security/ Product Registration. Make sure the Company Name and Registration ID are not blank as this is required for the DSD module registration, even in Demo mode.

3. Download and install each of the DSD Multi-Currency modules and documentation that you wish to demo. (Links are available in the following table.) All are self-extracting executables. When installing any enhancement module, you must agree to the License Agreement and point the installer to your Sage 100 ERP installation directory.

4. Download and install the MCDD module and read the accompanying documentation.

5. Run Sage 100 ERP. You will see the installation of each enhancement module. Access the Setup menu and Options for each accounting application you plan to demo to trigger the DSD Activation Wizard, which will allow a Demo Mode for 30 days.

Note: All Period End Processing is disabled in Demo mode registration.

6. Read the documentation for each module and for the MC Demo Data.