ARMU Multi-Company A/R Invoice Entry for Sage 100

Multi-Company A/R Invoice Entry- ARMU for Sage 100 has been designed to allow a managing company to process A/R Invoice Entry transactions for Miscellaneous Item Code lines for an unlimited number of “subsidiary” companies.Invoice lines with a Miscellaneous Item Code entered, may be distributed to other companies that have the same existing Miscellaneous Item Code. Each line item entry of an Invoice contains a new Company Code field that is only enabled if the user selects a Miscellaneous Item Code. This new field defaults to the Current Company. It may be changed to any other company that has been setup for Inter-company processing.

When an Inter-company Distribution is made, the Open Invoice is entered into the Current Company’s Aging. A General Ledger transaction is written to the other company’s Daily Transaction File, containing a credit to that other company’s revenue account, and a debit to the predefined Inter-company Allocation account. A pair of Inter-company Allocation Accounts must be set up for each company, which has been setup for Inter-company processing.

During line entry for an Inter-company Allocation, the General Ledger Account Format, and the ALE List Mode feature reflects the Chart of Accounts and the number format for the other company.