MBBD Multi-Bin Basic Demo Data for Sage 100

DSD / ScanFoce Multi-Bin Basic Demo Data (MBBD) for Sage 100 contains demonstration data for the “ABC” company that has already been configured for the Multi-Bin module, enabling the Sage 100 reseller to effectively demonstrate the features of the enhancement to the end-user.


Installing and Using DSD / ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic Demo Data

Important! You must install the MBIM Multi-Bin Basic Module prior to installing the demo data. 

  1. Install standard Sage 100 with ABC Demo Data. Note: If ABC Demo data is not installed you may still proceed as long as an ABC Company is setup and Activated before installation. If you wish to use the demo data provided for the Bill of Materials module, the Bill of Materials module must be installed and activated prior to installing the demo data.
  2. Download and install the MBIM – Multi-Bin Basic Module.
  3. Download and install the MBBD executable.
  4. Run Sage 100. You will see the installation of each enhancement module. Make sure to review all Role Maintenance options to ensure you have full security for the new module.