LMAV – AvaTax Connector for Sage 100

LMAV – AvaTax Connector for Sage 100

Trying to keep up with all the demands of sales and use tax compliance can feel like a balancing act, especially given how frequently rates and rules change. Avalara’s suite of automated solutions gives you a better way.

Avalara provides a suite of sales tax compliance solutions that helps thousands of companies save time and money, by working behind the scenes to calculate, collect, file, and remit taxes. In addition, as one of the few state-certified service providers for Streamlined Sales Tax (SST), Avalara can offer free sales tax services in nearly half of the U.S. for eligible businesses.

Avalara AvaTax:

  • Delivers sales tax calculation as the transaction takes place, cross-checking thousands of rates, rules, and jurisdictional boundaries for more accurate results.
  • Removes the time and hassle of researching tax rates and product taxability rules
  • Improves tax determination accuracy
  • Supports global tax compliance (VAT, GST)

Avalara Returns:

  • A seamless end-to-end service that prepares and files your returns and handles remittance according to a filing calendar you can easily manage online.
  • Manages monthly tax prep, filing, and payments
  • Handles responses to tax notices from tax authorities
  • Simplifies treasury management with a single ACH transfer to cover all sales tax liabilities

Avalara CertCapture:

  • Collect, validate, and store all compliance documents in one central, secure repository for instant access and accountability.
  • Automates the manual process of managing exempt sales
  • Provides an exemption only when a valid certificate is available
  • Integrates with ecommerce or POS checkout process to capture certificates at point of purchase

NOTE:  Please contact Avalara for all support related to this AvaTax Connector to Sage 100. Avalara’s partner support number is 877-826-4383.