ARCL – A/R Credit Limit Evaluation for Sage 100

A/R Credit Limit Evaluation for Sage 100

The Customer Credit Limit Evaluation enhancement is ideal for companies that want to set and maintain customer credit limits based on various factors. Evaluation Criteria can be set by company and then tailored by Customer, such as: Number of Years in Business, Number of Years as a Customer, Average Days Past Due, Average Number of Invoices by Month, Average Days Outstanding, and Average Balance. Credit Insurance can also be set by customer to define Credit Limit. Recalculation can occur on a Customer-by Customer Basis, or by Utility or Cash Receipt Update based on Number of Days to recalculate. Reporting is available to review Credit Limit History by Customer.


Additional Features:

  • Set Default Credit Limit for new Customers
  • Include Credit Insurance in Credit Limit Calculations
  • Set Number of Days to Recalculate
  • Use various criteria in Credit Limit Evaluation
  • Select which Evaluation Criteria to use by Customer
  • Review Credit Limit History by Customer
  • Recalculate Credit Limits by Customer, Customer Range or during Cash Receipts Update