APCB A/P Cash Basis for Sage 100

A/P Cash Basis (APCB) for Sage 100 transforms Sage 100 ERP Accounts Payable from an accrual basis to a cash basis system. Invoices are expensed when a Check is entered and updated.If a company is operating on a cash basis, General Ledger postings are not made when the Invoice Journal is updated. Instead, cash updates occur when the detail is saved and the check is written. Manual Check Entry, Check Entry and Purchase Order are fully integrated in the program.

The Accounts Payable Sort Rebuild utility can initialize the necessary cash basis files from Open Invoice data previously expensed on an accrual basis.

Standard Sage 100 ERP reports are not modified.

  • Enter Accounts Payable transactions in the normal fashion.
  • The Cash Basis changes are virtually transparent to the user performing data entry.
  • Each company may be defined as Cash or Accrual Basis, in the Accounts Payable Options screen. One company on the system may be Cash Basis, while another operates on an Accrual Basis.
  • If set-up on a Cash Basis, General Ledger postings are not made when the Invoice Journal is updated, instead the detail is “saved” and posted at the time that the check is written.
  • There is full integration with both the Manual Check Entry and the Check Entry (computer-generated check) programs, as well as with the Purchase Order module.
  • There is a utility feature built into the Accounts Payable Sort Rebuild program that can be used to initialize the necessary Cash Basis files, from existing Open Invoice information that was expensed on an accrual basis.
  • The computer Check Form can be formatted to include General Ledger Account distribution detail for each Invoice. This feature is available to both Cash and Accrual-based companies.